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Izzy Rage headshot

Who Is Izzy Rage?

Izzy Rage is a recording artist, producer, mix engineer, & performer from Nashville, Tennessee. After moving to the area in 2021, he launched the creative collective known as Rage Crew with co-artists Tsukimai & OddDree Rose, and producers XP Skeletor, Prod Yuu, and Fishstick.

Battling constant overstimulation and social instability in his upbringing, Izzy's art is a raw reflection of his hyperactive mind and impulsive behaviors. By personifying the most self-destructive parts of himself, Izzy Rage embodies a warning towards our use of technology and desperate search for self-acceptance.  By combining influences from hip-hop, edm, hyperpop, and punk, Izzy has created a truly revolutionary sound that can't be defined in any single genre.

In September 2023, Izzy Rage proved his proficiency in Rap by winning the Nashville Sunday Cypher series hosted by Ether Nashville and Nashville Is Not Just Country MusicHe was the first competitor to ever double qualify to the final round as a producer and MC. Izzy continues to show he's a dual threat as a producer, operating his beatstore since 2020.

On February 23, 2024, Izzy Rage debuted his first single "WRECK." A manic "Hyperpunk" instrumental blows up speakers as Izzy rants about allowing toxic people take control of his life.


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