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Hyperpunk Warrior Izzy Rage

What is Izzy Rage?

An Experiment Gone Wrong

Izzy Rage is an experiment gone wrong. Designed by Project ALPHA, he was made to be the strongest of the Hyperpunk Warriors. In his origin, a genetic mutation granted Izzy Rage the unprecedented power of free will. However, since a Hyperpunk Warrior's ANGEL POWERS are granted through their loyalty to ALPHA, Izzy Rage roams the interdimensions as a fallen angel, succeptable to the temptations of THE VOID

Hyperpunk Warrior

Izzy Rage is a HYPERPUNK WARRIOR. The Hyperpunk are an elite group manufactured by Project ALPHA to destroy the interdimensional demons known as THE VOID. To shield them from THE VOID's corruption, Hyperpunk are bound to pledge loyalty to ALPHA in order to receive defensive ANGEL POWERS. Though it's never been proven, there is concern within Project ALPHA that a Hyperpunk could theoretically garner an aggressive, offensive form of DARK ANGEL POWERS by manifesting a strong enough rebellious frequency

Slayer of THE VOID

Izzy Rage is a destroyer of evil THE VOID are soul snatching demons who cross over interdimensional realms, seeking to plague the universe with misery. Taking many forms, such as anxiety, hostility, and insanity, these creatures can only be perceived on the metaphysical plane. The HYPERPUNK are the only ones who can physically interact with THE VOID, and are burdened with the mission to destroy them. The Hyperpunk have a natural immunity to THE VOID's corruption. However, without ANGEL POWERS, a Hyperpunk could fall succeptable to their influence. If this were to occur, the world could not even do so much as pray for mercy

Undertaker png.png

What is The Undertaker?

Hyperpunk Seer

The Undertaker directs the Hyperpunk Appointed by ALPHA, The Undertaker prepares the Hyperpunk for descension into the interdimensions. Warriors are beholdent to the Undertaker, who holds the authority to decommission anomolies

Wielder of the Magnum Vis

The Undertaker grants the Hyperpunk's Power Through the legendary blade Magnum Vis, the Undertaker possesses a supernatural power to confiscate and relinquish Angel Powers to the Hyperpunk

Hyperpunk Warrior

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